Exotic Escorts

People have a tendency to think a prostitute and an escort are one and the same. Sometimes this is the case but the general consensus is that escorts are more glamorous and classy, escorting their client to fabulous places, whereas a prostitute is paid purely for sex.

These assumptions are true in some cases but not in all. There are certainly glamorous and sexy prostitutes that act in the same way as an escort. It is quite common for a customer to hire a prostitute to accompany them to functions or to be their “girlfriend”. The Girlfriend Experience is a hugely popular and common part of a prostitutes job.

An escort is thought of as extremely beautiful and upper class, hired purely for their looks and intelligence, with no sex expected. Again, this is sometimes true but definitely not all the time. Quite often an escort will be hired to act as a companion but they also get paid to fulfill the sexual desires of their client.

There are many different types of prostitution. In many cases these sex workers are exploited by unscrupulous pimps and brothel owners. However, there are agencies that do treat their staff extremely well and make sure that they are safe and well looked after.

Let’s take a look at the different ways that Escorts and Prostitutes work:
Streetwalkers do exactly as the name suggests – trawl the streets looking for clients. This is an unsafe environment and is generally lower paid, more often than not, the money being handed over to a pimp.

Brothel employees work from “massage parlours”. The clients can go and have a massage as well as sex from the workers here. The brothel employees’ earnings are not all theirs to keep, with the brothel taking a cut.

Escort Agency Workers generally work out of private apartments and hotels and can charge a higher price, due to the fact that it is seen as more exclusive than hiring a prostitute from a brothel or off the street. Part of their earnings goes to the agency they are hired by.

Independent Escorts or call-girls are self employed. They can charge higher prices and tend to work out of houses and hotels. They are seen as extremely upper class and exclusive. As they are independent they do not need to hand over any of their earnings to anybody, making it much more lucrative than any of the other forms of sex work.

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